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Strawberry - Has a base of sugar, donut style cereal and is completely submerged in a sweet, fresh strawberry milk.

Blueberry -  Starts off with a bowl of that classic flaked corn cereal that has loads of succulent blueberries mixed in and cool, creamy milk poured over the top and to set it all off, there's a fresh donut on the side that brings everything together perfectly.

Apple - A crisp, sweet, juicy flavor with a fresh donut and a hint of cinnamon that will have you refreshed and ready for action!

Lemon - A freshly baked, moist yellow cake that tastes like it literally just came out of the oven, covered in a slightly tart, bold flavored lemon curd and then topped off with a sprinkling of powdered sugar. A great juice that has an impeccable balance of freshness and indulgent dessert taste.

Marshmallow - A combination of fresh strawberry milk that has some sweet little marshmallows thrown in to keep things fun!

The One by Beard Vape Co. 100ml

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