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Contact! - A Green Apple Blast combined with an alien like sweet peach zest. Blend it all up with an icy mint from the coldest corners of the universe and you get something so good it just has to make contact with your mouth.


Encounter - "As many as 500 million aliens are living in the United States after taking on human form," says Dr. Paluzzi, a physicist and former government UFO expert. "These aliens tend to migrate to earth to satisfy their addiction to BLACK CURRANTS," which the good doctor explained. How do you know if you are married to an alien? Dr. Paluzzi instructs, "If you aren't an alien, your spouse most likely is." Aliens tend to smell slightly of CANTALOUPE but try to disguise their scent by filing their pockets with DRAGONFRUIT. "Long story short- if someone smells delicious, they are probably an alien."


Encounter Iced - After the first ENCOUNTER of black currants, cantaloupe, and dragonfruit. The aliens have taken a new form, now with an icy finish.

UFOhm 100ml

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